What Can You Do?

Contributions Come in Many Forms We Need Your Contribution

Make a contribution earmarked for the Website

  • Currently, we pay nothing to the company who hosts our website but the down-side is LOTS of advertising.
  • We will NEVER charge the class to be members of this site.
  • We just need a line-item in the budget to pay for the premium site plan (which gives us more webspace for photos and eliminates those irritating ads).
  • Make a contribution earmarked for the Website and help us get rid of those ads for good!

Contribute to our Photo Gallery

Contribute your first-grade class photos  (Old photos make the past tangible.) 

  • Send your scanned (or cell phone photographed) photos to the site administrator at  gardner9042@gmail.com

Contribute your ideas

  • Is there something you've seen on other sites that you would like to see here? Tell us about it

Contribute as a back-up Web Administrator (operative word is back-up) 

  • Requirements: Experience with Graphic User Interface wed editing applications - Layout/Design - Good writing skills. Coding is not required but helpful at times. There are no responsibilities unless the current administrator is unavailable. 
  • Having a stand-in is very important in keeping this site active and keeping the class of '62, connected for years to come. 

The Possibilities are endless. 

  • Our website is not just a way of renewing old friendships. It can facilitate our connection to each other for years to come, including the NEXT reunion!

Responses to: Pam Zepp at gardner9042@gmail.com